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CreativeCMS licence costs

Cloud based CMS licenc with no limits


The system is managed 24/7/365 to ensure optimum performance. Our Help Desk is managed during office hours for regular requests.

If you require additional telephone support with a dedicated Account Manager we offer monthly support packages from £50pm, which may be required when managing the Administrator role on a customer's behalf.

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Users and Seats

Our standard support is for the individual recognised as the main contact for the site, referred to a Seat.

Each licence includes a single seat, additional seats are £50 pm where as additional users supported by the the main contact are unlimited.


* The Portal

Administrator feature - sites created in the portal include all default functionality and access to all components.

2 Stage URLs


7 Stage URLs


15 Stage URLs


30 Stage URLs



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The licence doesn't get charged until a website is posted live, where an additional stage URL will be included for free


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