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Over the years the priorities for this website have changed quite considerably from initially achieving top rankings in search engines, to becoming an automated online business.

Due to their success we’ve had to ramp things up to help streamline the bookings process, by taking deposits and final payments online, automating 95% of the process.

The website also includes a shop, so having activated online payments, it was a natural progression to start selling equipment online.

Having a high volume of mobile visitors to the site, it’s imperative for the site to function efficient on all browsing devices being mobile or desktop.


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Solv.IT have been helping us since we first started. It's been refreshing to have a working relationship that's mutually interested in our success as we are and not just about selling us a service. Solv.IT have offered advice and caution when planning our website, made a real effort understanding our needs and that of our market. Not concerned with flashy upgrades necessarily but content, functionality and realtime Market response.

Solv.IT have been responsive to our needs and experimental ideas offering only sound advice on a practical level and brilliantly patient with our Internet learning curve. Many companies pitch each year for our business but the Solv.IT team have always delivered results which is fundamentally keen to our bottom line. Having Solv.IT as our web manager is like having real skills and expertise on hand only when you need it. We can't praise them enough...

Rob Mansley
Business Owner
Fly Spain