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Bespoke developments

A 5 step approach to building bespoke website's, guaranteed to generate measurable results.*

1. Discovery and planning

Whether you're wanting a new website or starting from scratch, there's a lot to be gleaned from researching your competitor's while collating a list of personal preferences. Together we’ll plan the vision for your website.

2. Content wireframing

We’ll build a functional content wireframe to navigate around the site and get a feel for how the information flows. Identifying design challenges, or bespoke development requirements early will ensure your project remains on time and within budget.

3. Bespoke website design

Having researched competitors and built your content wireframe, this will form the basis of a design brief. We’ll capture additional feedback and refine the design through a couple of revision cycles; we rarely need more. It’s then just a case of reskinning the content wireframe with your new bespoke design.

4. Website optimisation

When using the right WCMS (Website Content Management System) it can be as simple as completing a checklist to optimise your website structure and content. We ensure every box is ticked and performance thoroughly tested before posting your website live, to maximise your search engine exposure from day one.

5. Custom development

Our experienced in-house web development team has the skills and experience needed for building advanced website’s. From payment gateway integrations to handling custom data feeds, we can handle your bespoke requirements no matter the challenge.

Managed services

Once your site goes live there are wider activities for consideration to generate growth.

Training & Support

We provide 1-2-1 training with everything we develop whether it’s a new website or bespoke feature, so you have complete control over everything published on your website, depending on your content publishing activity.

We use Help Desk queries as a training opportunity, sharing our extensive knowledge wherever possible, eliminating bottlenecks, reducing costs and increasing control, which will lead to greater opportunities see our support plans.

Technical SEO

With website performance and usability now being a Google Search ranking factor, Technical SEO is imperative for ensuring your website continues to meet the technical requirements being tested by modern search engines.

When being measured to the millisecond, it’s essential to have access to the code to achieve these results. Using website performance monitoring tools to test the proficiency of our code, will not only ensure optimum user experience it will also improve your natural search results.

Account Management

As your website grows so will the demands for managing progress, whether publishing regular content to keep your website relevant, or monitoring performance to identify any issues that arise, it’s imperative that someone is responsible for continually measuring results.

Working as an extension of your team we’ll support you in day to day activities, whether that’s simply being a sounding board, or actively managing functions of the business e.g investigating customer account issues. Together we’ll agree a development road map that will ensure your website continues to grow aligned with wider business activities.

Project Management

With every project you'll have a single point of contact throughout, from start to launch, with system training on handover.

You’ll be empowered to control your own website, eliminating publishing delays and significantly reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

*We'll give you the tools and share the knowhow, you just need to publish content.

We can streamline your website journey, from start to launch and beyond...

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