Bespoke website design performance stands the test of time

Park Grove website screenshotWebsite Brief

The website required minimal content, instead leveraging on high resolution imagery of completed projects to demonstrate Park Grove’s expertise.

The ease for publishing new projects was essential with their portfolio of rapidly growing  customers working on a range of interior design projects. They also needed to be able to publish news about wider activities and industry news.

Although the website was not intended for lead generation but through the publication of example projects demonstrate a level of expertise to support the conversation.


Project deliverables

Working with Park Grove’s preferred designer who’d been rebranding the company, providing artwork for the general look and feel for the website.

After wireframing the full website content we were able to take the design build a global template and range of page templates to cater for the different design requirements.

We built custom management features for easily publishing the content requiring frequent updates e.g Projects and News, applying custom styling to the templates.

Although SEO wasn’t a priority for this website, we’ve still adopted best practices in the website production as standard, so Park Grove can hit the ground running if ever they need to. 


Park Grove website passes A+ statusThe Result

Having originally built this website 5 years ago, Park Grove now has 100+ interior design examples, each with multiple high resolution imagery to demonstrate their work.

It’s a delight to see it ticks all the performance boxes after all these years, simply keeping the CMS site upgraded.

With the Website Carbon Checker tool the website scores A+

The website design that keeps on giving…


View the Park Grove website »


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