Does my website need a CMS to succeed diagramWhat is a CMS and why would I want one?

CMS is an acronym for Content Management System, used by website owners irrespective of technical skills to easily publish content on their own website.

A CMS minimises the dependency on developers, eliminating bottlenecks to save time in publishing content updates and significantly reducing ongoing support costs.

What’s the difference between a CMS and a website builder?

With a Website Builder you’re essentially managing each page independently, a CMS introduces order to the management of all website assets not just content.

Content can be modelled around your unique business requirements introducing uniformity to the management of your data and enabling content to be published dynamically.

Adding new content to your website will dynamically update navigation menus and automatically update sitemaps, additional features for improving search engine rankings. 

How will a CMS help your website’s performance?

A CMS will standardise the formatting of your website’s HTML output, ensuring that search engine crawlers find your content easy to navigate and identify content updates quickly.

Generating clean SEO friendly URLs, dynamic generating and submitting new sitemap are a fundamental part of a CMS, whilst offering complete control over all media assets.

With a CMS it will offer much greater control over customising every aspect of your website, which is particularly important when working in competitive markets.

What CMS would we recommend?

We actively moved to working with web based software over 8 years ago, recognising the significant cost benefits in developing and supporting our own software.

As such we’ve built our own proprietary Web Content Management System, CreativeCMS, used to build all of our customer websites so we can achieve optimum performance with every site, which is now a search ranking factor.


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