Bridging the gap between print and web design with a fresh new look

The Brief

Navillus Print Gifts required their website design to have a greater synergy with their printed brochure which is updated periodically, influenced by industry trends.

Introduce category colours aligned with the printed brochure, to help improve the mobile experience for a fast increasing user base.

Ultimately, having already increased the number of sales enquiries this project was more focused on the quality of leads, even if that leads to less enquiries.


Project activites

In refactoring the content in the header area of the website, we’ve introduced a new skyline yet graphic with less focus on London Bridge, retaining a connection with the City.

We then applied colours to each category aligned with the printed brochure applying custom colours introducing a visual recognition, to gauge response before going all guns a’blazin’

Due to a significant number returning visitors on mobile devices, we’ve adopted a firmer stance on mobile experience, simplifying the content and page layout throughout.

With this site not having been overhauled for sometime this gave us a chance to refactor a few template queries to improve the page load performance.


The Result

Bridging the gap between print and web design with a fresh new lookThe site is now visually more aligned with the printed brochure while still retaining its own visual identity, which continually sets the site up to exceed in a competitive market.

Through the progressive enhancements to their website, Navillus Print Gifts have seen a significant improvement in their website sales enquiries, improving sales.

We’ve also improved the performance of the site, which already performed well, realigning the website production with the latest developmenting standards


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SolvIt has proven to be a fantastic asset to our whole business and have not only aided a massive leap forward for our company's web profile, but also changed the way we view our company and helped us to thrive in a highly competitive industry. 

SolvIt's business planning and forward thinking approach has proved impeccable and delivered over and above our expectations with the same enthusiasm as we have which in turn invigorated our whole strategy for web marketing.

Richard Sullivan
Business Owner

Navillus Print Gifts
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