Main objectives

GenZ Insights new bespoke 'Social Enterprise' websiteGenZ Insights were quite disheartened when they approached us, having wasted months working with another agency and very little to show for it. We therefore needed to jump into action and accelerate activities, enabling them to proceed with wider business initiatives.

With the long term vision of managing the sale of courses connecting the website to their preferred LMS (Learning Management System) via an API, assessing the tools available to deliver the immediate goal of getting the business live required some careful planning.

It was therefore essential to manage expectations closely to ensure completion of project deliverables by managing activities in smaller bite size chunks, adopting our ‘Launch and Learn’ approach. 

Project deliverables

We were first required to consult with each service provider to assess how best to utilise off the shelf functionality so that we could significantly reduce the development time. 

Within 10 weeks we launched the new website for GenZ Insight’s utilising CreativeCMS to build the brochure and course content, connected to Arlo Training management software to process registrations and payment, who already had an API connection with a New Spring.

With the functional aspects of the project taken care of we needed to establish an online identity GenZ Insights, which being a new business had nothing more than a logo for us to work with.

However, adopting our ‘Launch and Learn’ approach that’s no problem, as CreativeCMS provides a fully responsive vanilla template, which can be completely customised to create a bespoke website design simply working with the colour palette from your logo.

Albeit using a number of system’s GenZ Insight’s can now begin marketing their new online training business, having complete control over their website content. They’re now also able to start generating a buzz around the brand through social media and other online collaborations.

GenZ Insight Website Carbon test results, 18Nov22Having delivered the immediate project requirements this gives us the breathing space to reflect on progress and realign our next objectives namely, streamlining temporary mechanics we’ve set in place to deliver the immediate objectives.

With an average PageSpeed Insights score of 97 Mobile and 100 Desktop across the site, as a result the Website Carbon tests report the GenZ Insight website to be Cleaner than 89% of websites tested, last updated 18Nov22.

We’ve turned the experience around with GenZ Insight being buzzed up again with new and exciting plans for the future, watch this space...

Check out the GenZ Insight's new website »

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