Ram Pumps website receives mobile and speed performance upgrade

Main objectives

Ram Pumps website performance upgradeWith the Ram Pumps website having ‘Worked’ for many years, originally built by ourselves over 8 years ago, they were reluctant to change things during uncertain times impacting manufacturing Globally.

However, with the site still being non-secure (http:) and knowing SSL security (https:) to be a ranking factor, the need to upgrade the website was growing in severity. Not to mention being unfriendly to mobile users with this legacy website being built for a desktop view

With previously had good natural SEO rankings slipping and sales enquiries drying up, having postponed things for a few years, it was finally decided the time had come to upgrade the website.

Although the website design is over 8 years old it was agreed on it still has legs, which is great as this significantly reduced the development cost which pushed the project over the line. 

Project deliverables

With the previous website production being 8+ years old, rather than trying to fix all the issues, starting afresh with the CreativeCMS default template, the time it took to rebuild the website from scratch far outweighed the time it would have taken to fix each issue

In doing so, this allowed us to revisit the management of the pump data being imperative to their website with CreativeCMS, having much greater flexibility in building custom components. We also improved the management of all brochure content by using the latest default features.

Ram Pumps Website Carbon test results, Nov22Ram Pumps now has more granular control over its content management, requiring fewer maintenance support requests to make content changes. As a result, regular sales enquiries have started flowing again through greater exposure to their new high-performing website.

With an average PageSpeed Insights score of 96 Mobile and 100 Desktop across the site, the Website Carbon testing tool is a great demonstration of how well the website performs being Cleaner than 66% of websites tested, last updated 8th Nov 22.

Check out the Ram Pumps new website »


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