Speed is of the essence particularly in a such a price sensitive market

The Brief

Design a fresh new responsive website that better caters for a rapidly growing mobile audience, through an improved mobile navigation in general.

Actively address any reported Technical SEO issues, through the reproduction of the website templates optimising queries to improve performance measured on a number new factors. 

Reduce the time it takes to apply price discounts on different levels across the product range, while extending the control over publishing graphical promotions centrally. 

Project deliverables

In simplifying the global website design interface this enabled us to significantly improve the overall user experience on mobile as well as desktop. 

With the introduction of a ‘Buy Now’ quick link (on page feature) avoids the need for a URL to load, reducing the data load bandwidth, particularly for customers’ who know what they want.

Through new affordable SEO tools* we’ve been able to monitor website performance on a more granular level, for things that might have previously gone under the radar.

*Check out Sitebulb’s website crawling service or, ContentKing for continue 24//365 website performance monitoring, we’ve found these tools invaluable.

We’ve overhauled the bulk price upload feature, which for some products there are over 13k pricing variations, to process the date significantly quicker.

We’ve also introduced greater opportunities for publishing promotional sales graphics at different product tiers.

The Result

Speed is of the essence particularly when working in a such a price sensitive marketWe’ve been battling with page performance and site speed for a number of years and after moving to Google’s hosting services, we found the perfect environment.

The website in general performs exceptionally (an increase from very good) across all browsing devices, with the PageSpeed being in the Top 10% of carbon friendly website’s.|

By overhauling the management requirements surrounding sales promotions, we’ve been able to significantly reduce the Time To Market (TTM) with all future promotions.

This has not only increased their sale Conversion Rate (CR) but, the changes have significantly reduced the time and cost of implementing sales promotions across the website.


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The SolvIt team have worked tirelessly in helping us achieve our goals on the web. They have taken time to fully understand our sometimes difficult and confusing business brief and delivered an excellent product. We are now starting to reap the benefits.

Stephen Vokins
Business owner

Big Brand Beds
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