Main objectives

Screenshot of Virtuscan's new websiteWith Virtuscan being a new division of the Gunite Group they’d initially built a very basic Wix website, which although it had done the job of getting the brand live, it didn’t portray the level of professionalism required for the type of clients they were working with.

Natural SEO was also a key requirement to establish Virtuscan as its own entity and not rely on the group site generating traffic. With the Wix website being very slow to load we also needed to address the website performance, as this was having an additional negative impact.

Project deliverables

We started by exploring the longer term goals and expectations for the website to gauge the level of sophistication required for the production.

It was apparent that being a new business without dedicated resources for managing the website we needed to configure the content structure in a way that encouraged updates, avoiding any complicated publishing techniques.

Virtuscan's Website Carbon test results, Feb23Working with Virtuscan’s brand guidelines we’ve created a stronger online identity, while retaining a close synergy with the group websites. We paid special attention in showcasing Virtuscan’s high resolution drawings to demonstrate the diversity and expertise of their Measured Survey services. 

By utlising the dynamic content publishing features of CreativeCMS, Vituscan is empowered to easily publish content aligned with routine business activities, which will continue to extend the website’s exposure in search engines. 

With an average PageSpeed Insights score of 94 Mobile and 98 Desktop across the site, as a result using the Website Carbon testing tool Virtuscan’s new website is Cleaner than 83% of websites tested, last updated 13Feb23.

Check out the Virstuscan's new website »

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