Referral Service proves to be a huge success with customers

The Outdoors Project custom Referral ServiceWebsite Brief

The Outdoors Project identified an opportunity to draw on their existing website activity to automate their marketing. The aim was to assess whether introducing Klaviyo, as a new Email Marketing Platform moving away from MailChimp’s escalating costs and overwhelming toolset.

Ultimately, the goal was to utilise Klaviyo that could support a Referral Service, to increase brand exposure and further encourage sales through referrals, on autopilot.

Project deliverables

We were soon able to get Klaviyo up and running talking to the CMS after reviewing their extensive documentation and getting to grips with their system. Although technical support was generally good, we had to take a leap of faith with some unanswered questions.

Change of ESP (Email Service Provider) deliverables

  • Approve Klaviyo’s documentation to assess capabilities
  • Integrate the CMS and website with Klaviyo’s API
  • Assist in moving data from MailChimp to Klaviyo
  • Update data capture points to save data to Klaviyo
  • Add franchise options to profile emails and reports

Agree direction for Referral Service solution

After evaluating several referral systems we found ourselves in a support spiral not being clear on how to customise the plug-ins to the Outdoors Projects’ requirements. Consequently, we built our own Referral System having all the 

  • Generate Referrer codes for all existing customers to share with friends
  • Add functionality to the CMS to track the relationship between referrer and referee
  • Save credits and discount values available for use in the basket
  • Build conditions managing booking cancellations and credit assigned
  • Update the basket and functional emails and reports to include credit

The Result

By adding custom properties to specific website actions, we were able to add details to user profiles, enabling the sending of automated Flow emails based on certain conditions. With The Outdoors Project’ marketing now running on autopilot, we can continue work on the UX design.

The Referral service has already been a huge success, increasing sales while rewarding customers for spreading the word. Who said ‘Word of mouth marketing’ was dead!?!


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