For a Project that’s held Outdoors, all bookings are handled in the dry!

The Brief

The Outdoors Project needed to simplify the management of bookings for new customers, while also catering to existing customers through a single customer journey was required.

Improve the general User Experience (UX) particularly on mobile, by simplifying the page layout and standardising the content published.

Standardise the content published across each franchise in preparation for the growth plans of The Outdoors Project.

Project deliverables

It was a real challenge to invent a single process creating the same experience for new and existing customers, working within the current restraints of certain design features.

But, after much deliberation we've developed a process that should cater for both parties equally well. It’s certainly a huge improvement on the existing usability. 

We’ve culled a lot of content and simplified the page layout to focus the users’ attention when browsing the site, encouraging course bookings. Particularly on mobile devices.

In standardising the content published across each franchise, more frequent updates can be made to general content across the board keeping things consistent.

The Result

For a Project that’s managed Outdoors, all bookings are handled in the dry!We’ve created an intuitive booking journey that caters equally to both customers, new and existing being a key requirement for this project.

The website is structured in a fashion that new franchises’ benefit from all existing ’SEO love’ gained from the company's exceptional existing search results.

The website is well poised for the next stage of The Outdoors Project’s growth.


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